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Practical 1 Write up: Testing acidity

Practical 2 Write up: pH and Temperature
change in Coca Cola

Prediction: the temperature will intrease and the ph will increase

Independent variable : alka seltzer tablets

Dependent variable :ph of the solution, temperature of the solution

Factors to be controlled :temperature of coke, whether the coke has been shaken or not,


list of materials:


alka seltzer


ph/thermometer probe

Method : 60ml of coke was poured into a beaker and an alka seltzer pill was added

Changes in the ph and temperature were observed and results were recorded

This method was repeated for a crushed alka seltzer pill.

Results : temperature of coke before alka seltzer was added - 30.3

teperature of coke when crushed alka seltzer was added - 28.7

PH of coke before alka seltzer was added - 2.23

PH of coke after crushed alka seltzer was added - 6.40

Complete command terms table

Research questions

1. temperature probe
How much time would a glass of water take to get to room temperature after being taken out of the fridge at 5 degrees celsius?

How much heat would be gained by a person weighing between 140-160lbs after running 2 miles?

2. Blood Pressure
After running a mile how will a person's heart rate change?

Will a person who eats a lot of saturated fats have a higher blood pressure than a person who doesn't?

3. Bio Chamber
Do leaves from the top of large trees have less C02 the leaves closer to the bottom?

is there more C02 in coke then there is in Pepsi?


Chad - I like your experiment you have come up with and your thought process. They seem very clear and understandable but also shows your sense of creativity by producing a variety of research questions which are not very similar.

Nick-the-awesome: the questions are good and you have very clear explanations, but for Bio chamber q.1 I beleive that leaves take in CO2 and produce oxygen therefore they have as much CO2 as is available, what you could try to test is how much oxygen they can produce from a certain amount of CO2.