Topic 5.1 Communities and Ecosystems

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Textbook work

Read Chapter 15 pgs. 175-183

Complete Data-based questions: pgs 175,176, 179,180, 181
Download and Complete

Topic 5.2 Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse effect

Read Chapter 16 pgs 185-191

Download and complete Due 6-11-10

Topic 5.3 Populations


Read Handout on Populations.
Complete Essential Biology 5.3

Topic 5.4 Evolution

Practical Investigation - Evolution Simulation
Download the following:
Be sure to read all the directions.
Simulation is located at the following site
This activity is to be typed and must be completed based on Data collection and processing protocol.
You must also complete and attach the IA checklist for this investigation
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Reading Chapter 17 Evolution

Complete Text Questions pgs 193.194,196,198-199,202
Download and complete: Darwin and Evolution
Download and complete the following

Complete Topic statement answers in study guide.

Topic 5.5 Classification

Classification (5.5)
Essential Biology

Assessment statement
I’m confident!
Outline the binomial system of nomenclature.

List seven levels in the hierarchy of taxa: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species—using an example from two different kingdoms for each level.

Distinguish between the following phyla of plants, using simple external recognition features: bryophyta, filicinophyta, coniferophyta and angiospermophyta.

Distinguish between the following phyla of animals, using simple external recognition features: porifera, cnidaria, platyhelminthes, annelida, mollusca and arthropoda.

Apply and design a key for a group of up to eight organisms.

In all of your write-ups you should be using latin species names, written in accordance with the system of binomial nomenclature.