Topic 4 Genetics

Topic 4.1 Chromosomes, Genes, Alleles, and Mutations

Read Chapter 12 in text book
Complete Data based questions on pg. 145,146, and 147
Watch the following videos for deeper explanation
Complete Essential Biology 4.1 found in the Homework box turn into inbox by Monday 21st

Overview of basic genetics

Flash Overview
FAQ on Sickle Cell Anemia

DNA Mutations

Human Genome Project

Discusses DNA coiling around proteins

Mutations - Sickle Cell Anemia

Topic 4.2 Meiosis

Meiosis step by step
Meiosis Animation
Non-disjunction Animation Meiosis I
Non-disjunction Animation Meiosis II

Topic 4.3 Theoretical Genetics

Monohybrid Tutorials

Pedigree Practice

Chi Squared Test

Topic 4.4 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Read Chapter 14 in the textbook pgs 165-173
Complete Essential biology 4.4 found in the dropbox.

PCR Animation

Gel Electrophoresis

Mystery of the Stolen Artifacts
Gene Transfer Insulin Animation

Human Genome Project

Gene Therapy

GM Food