Topic 3 Chemistry of Life

To be completed during Christmas break Due 11/01/11
Read Chapter 4 pgs 44-56
Complete Data based questions pgs.44,50, and working with data page 56
Complete essential biology for Topic 3.1 and 3.2

Topic 3.1 Chemical Elements and Water

Topic 3.2 Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins due 24th January

Complete Building Blocks Worksheet
Complete assessments statements for topic 3.2 due 25th January
Make sure working with data page 56 is complete.

For 25/01/2011
1. Install ChemSketch on your laptop.
2. Download instructions.
3. Complete 5 animated gifs and place on your Wiki. Make sure they are each labeled.
- Resource sites to help with understanding

For more information on condensation and hydrolysis reactions:
Simple explanation by Terry Brown
Collection of examples from North Harris College
Explanation and animation from National Louis University
Structures of Fats from HHMI
Lipids (and condensation animation) from National Louis University
Life Cycle of a Protein from Sumanas
Making polypeptides from John Kyrk

Topic 3.3 DNA Structure

Read Chapter 5 in text and complete EB 3.3 found in Dropbox
Go through this tour to become to re familiarize yourself.

Topic 3.4 DNA Replication

Complete EB 3.4 found in Dropbox due February 4th in homework Dropbox folder 3.4
Make sure you view all animations found in the slideshows

Topic 3.5 Transcription and Translation

Topic 3.6