3.3 & 7.1 DNA Structure HL Caitlin WORD
building blocks of life WORD
Data Based Questions Page 44-56 WORD
3.2 Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins WORD
3.1 Chemical Elements and Water WORD
Designing a Lab Improved Word
Essential Biology 5.3 WORD
5.2 Databased Questions WORD 185-191
Essential Biology 5.2 WORD
5.1 Ecology Power Point
food_web_activity_PICTURE.001.jpg 4 food chains to go with questions
Food Web Questions WORD food web activity
5.1 Communities and Ecosystems WORD communities and ecosystems essential biology 5.1
Food Energy Investigation Graph WORD food energy investigation graph
Ecology Textbook Questions WORD text book questions on pages 175,176,179,180 and 181

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Practical 1 Write up: Testing acidity
acidity test

Practical 2 Write up: pH and Temperature
change in Coca Cola
alka seltzer lab

Complete command terms table
command terms

Research Questions

  1. Research Questions for Temperature Probe
  2. What effect does the temperature have on the working quality of electronics?
  3. What effects does the temperature of your fridge have on your food?

  1. Research Questions for Blood Pressure Probe
  2. How does blood pressure differ in children and adults?
  3. What factors effect blood pressure?

  1. Research Questions for CO2 and Oxygen Bio Chamber
  2. How much CO2 is taken in by a plant in comparison to the Oxygen released?
  3. How much Oxygen is released during photosynthesis?

Chad - Caitlin's deas are very well thought- out. Her understanding of what she is trying to find is clear and decisive. I don't have any questions but how is she going to go about testing some of these experiments. But I really liked her experiments.
Nick- These are good questions and some would be useful for people to know such as whether temperature affects food in a fridge.

Cells LABS

dry lab from tuesday sept.28 on surface area to volume ratio
diffusion of ions lab

Topic One - Statistical Analysis

Topic Two - Cells

2.1- Cell Theory
2.2- Prokaryotes
2.3- Eukaryotes

Topic Five- Classification

5.5- Classification
5.4- Evolution

Text Book Questions
page 25-36, questions on 27,31,32 and 33
page 205-210, questions on 206,209,210 and 211

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